How to Plan your Wedding Sand Ceremony


People attach a lot of importance to wedding because it constitutes one of the rights of passage that people pass and it expresses some sense of togetherness in family. In most occasion brides as well as bride grooms often grace their weddings with a cake as a fine of unity that will last for eternity. You at the back of you might have your own view on the type of wedding that you have been thinking of having with your partner. However, the decision of the things to add and subtract in your wedding depend on the decision of two people who will be signing their marriage agreement and transform to another form of living as husbands and wives.


In planning for your wedding sand ceremony, there are various issues that will make your ceremony appeared extraordinary compared to others. These things include.


Have an accurate plan of the person who will introduce the ceremony to your audience. This implies that the officiants will have to explain to the audient everything and relay more information on the significance of the ceremony. This introduction must be catchy enough to limit any chance of boredom among the visitors.

Then the groom will commence by pouring sand on the central vase. This implies that the groom have to be the bedrock of the family have must always be leading in command on all things that happened to at their home. Learn more about weddings at


The bride will then follow by pouring her section of the sand in the central vase. This has an impact on that the wife will always have support on his husband in everything that they do. After the mixing if the two sand they will be mixed to mean that the bride as well as the groom will be together to from one soul and have a sense of love in their home.


The third party to poor their unity sand after the bride and the groom is the parents of the bride as well as then groom. They act as advisors to then small that had just been started. Them being at the top after mixing the two original and will signify that they will from part of the small family from outside by protecting the newly weeded couples. Then finally family member as well as friends will add their sand on top of the central to signify their support that they will often offer to the family so that they remain in together.

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